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What types of diamond saw blades are there?

For diamond saw blades, the cost is high, and durability is often mentioned diamond saw blade, in the mind during the first flood of impressions. In the vast ocean of diamond saw blade knowledge, the standard of diamond saw blade classification alone, that is, what kinds of its own has a lot of division of standards. This division standard, because more complex and difficult to remember, for the general people do not know. But for the diamond saw blade purchaser, it is necessary to understand.

03/ 24 / 2023
125mm Cutting Disc or Other Size General Purpose Stone Cut Wet Turbo Diamond Saw Blade (5).JPG
How to refurbish diamond saw blades?

Diamond saw blade is widely used in various industries, accordingly, its wear problem is also a big problem. When the diamond saw blade wear problem, we can not refurbish it? The answer is yes.

03/ 23 / 2023
How to improve the durability of diamond saw blades?

In the world of human beings, known to be explored material species reached thousands, and human beings, in order to be able to make full use of these substances from nature, a variety of multi-blade tools were invented by human beings. And in hundreds of kinds of multi-blade tools inside, never missing the performance of the hard tool, which diamond saw blade on the basis of its own excellent sawing performance, in the field of material processing shine. With the increase in diamond saw blade consumption, how to improve the durability of diamond saw blades become a discipline.

03/ 20 / 2023
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How should diamond saw blades be maintained?

A diamond saw blade is a very sharp cutting tool, very much used in the stone industry. With the development of society and human progress, more and more aluminum alloy doors and windows industry users have also been more and more the pursuing efficiency, because of its sharpness, wear resistance by the user favorite. Due to the expensive price of diamonds many users because of the price for the heartache, which requires users to do an in-depth understanding of the maintenance of diamond, then diamond saw blade maintenance methods?

03/ 17 / 2023
6 Inch Turbo DIamond Dry Cutting Saw Blade for Granite (3).jpg
How are diamond saw blades made?

The development of new wear-resistant and stable super hard cutting tools is the subject of research in many universities, research institutes, and enterprises. Diamond combines many excellent properties such as mechanics, optics, thermal, acoustics, and optics, and has a very high hardness, low friction coefficient, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and chemical inertia, which makes it an ideal material for manufacturing cutting tools. According to the process of manufacturing diamond saw blades for classification, diamond saw blades can be divided into sintered diamond saw blades, welded diamond saw blades and electroplated diamond saw blades. This article provides a brief introduction to these three processes.

03/ 14 / 2023




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