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Why are diamond saw blades suitable for cutting ceramics?

Why are diamond saw blades suitable for cutting ceramics?The quality of the ceramic saw blade can even determine the finished tile. Why are diamond saw blades suitable for cutting ceramics? What are the advantages of diamond saw blades? l What characteristics do ceramic saw blades need?l What are th

08/ 13 / 2022
What are the characteristics of granite saw blades?

Granite saw blade is a common stone saw blade. It is made of diamond as cutting material with advanced equipment and processing technology. So what are the characteristics of granite saw blades? Why do people choose granite saw blades? l Why do granite saw blades need sharpness?l What are the charac

08/ 11 / 2022
Diamond Core Drill Bit.jpg
The information of the diamond coring bits

Core bits are cutting tools used to remove cylindrical materials called cores. Coring bits have a hollow center and are similar to hole saws, but have different applications. While a hole saw is designed to create a large hole in the workpiece, a coring drill is used to cut the hole and remove the core sample or drill the hole without leaving material behind. Core bits are also called hollow bits, diamond core bits are mainly used as tools for drilling holes in hard materials such as concrete. The coring bits are used with special machines and have the features of fast efficiency and low cost. Here is some information about diamond coring bits.

06/ 30 / 2022
Diamond Core Drill Bit.jpg
What can diamond drill bits be used for?

Construction methods and tools continue to advance, and a good example is the use of diamond bits to drill holes in hard materials. Diamond drilling uses diamond-infused drill bits at the end of a hollow drill shaft. These bits are available in a wide range of sizes and are capable of producing very fine holes as small as 0.75 mm and as large as 1500 mm. Usually, the diamond drill bit size does not exceed 1500 mm, but if larger holes are required, a technique called "stitch drilling" can be used. This involves joining a series of smaller holes to form a larger opening. Suture drilling does not work when a long, continuous hole is required. So, diamond drill bits have those applications? Let's take a look at them in this article.

06/ 27 / 2022
The construction points of the diamond wire saw

Diamond wire saw is a common tool for cutting stone, commonly used in mining, bridge cutting, beam cutting, underwater cutting, and other engineering projects. This article will briefly introduce the construction points of the diamond wire saw, so that users can operate more professionally in the pr

05/ 06 / 2022




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