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How does a diamond bit work?

Diamond bits are an important tool for drilling. Generally, multiple bits of different sizes are used to drill an oil and gas well. When drilling the upper strata, a larger diameter bit is used because the upper strata are soft, and a single bit can be used for a shorter period of time, so a bit can be used repeatedly for several wells. The amount of drilling footage from one new drill bit depends on the size and type of the bit, the hardness and softness of the formation, and the cooperation of drilling parameters. Generally speaking, the smaller the drill bit size, the harder the formation, the less the feed; the larger the drill bit size, the softer the formation, the more the drill bit feeds. So, what is the working mechanism of the Diamond drill bit? In this article, we will take a look.

04/ 10 / 2023
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What is a diamond coring drill?

The drill bit that does the cutting edge is called the diamond drill bit. This bit is a one-piece bit, the whole bit has no moving parts, the structure is relatively simple, with high strength, high wear resistance, and impact resistance. Field use proves that diamond bits have the advantages of fast speed, high feed rate, long life, smooth working, fewer downhole accidents, and good quality of good body when drilling in soft-medium hard strata. The diamond bits not only have a long service life but also can be reused. The diamond bits repaired by the factory are almost as good as the factory diamond bits, which can save a lot of drilling costs.

04/ 06 / 2023
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The use of diamond bits

Diamond bits are an important tool for drilling. It is also widely used in a variety of industries, such as construction, ceramics, as well as in mining core samples and in the petroleum industry. So this article talks about the use of diamond drill bits.

04/ 03 / 2023
What are 5 different types of drill bits?

Drill bit is a necessary tool for drilling on reinforced concrete, granite, marble, artificial stone and other stones. His application is widespread and common. For example, in the process of drilling, the drill bit is the main tool to break the rock, and the borehole is formed by the rock broken by the drill bit. The formation of a borehole is good or bad, and the length of time taken is not only related to the characteristics of the rock in the drilled formation and the performance of the bit itself, but also related to the matching degree between the bit and the formation. The reasonable selection of bit plays an important role in improving drilling speed and reducing comprehensive drilling costs. To select a suitable bit, we must first understand the bit. This article focuses on five common bits.

04/ 17 / 2023
Types of drill bits commonly used in industry

There are many kinds of drill bits used in industry. The drill bits are classified according to different drilling methods. They can be divided into diamond drill bits, cone drill bits and scraper drill bits. These three kinds of drill bits are the most basic forms.

04/ 14 / 2023




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