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What can diamond drill bits be used for?

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Construction methods and tools continue to advance, and a good example is the use of diamond bits to drill holes in hard materials. Diamond drilling uses diamond-infused drill bits at the end of a hollow drill shaft. These bits are available in a wide range of sizes and are capable of producing very fine holes as small as 0.75 mm and as large as 1500 mm. Usually, the diamond drill bit size does not exceed 1500 mm, but if larger holes are required, a technique called "stitch drilling" can be used. This involves joining a series of smaller holes to form a larger opening. Suture drilling does not work when a long, continuous hole is required. So, diamond drill bits have those applications? Let's take a look at them in this article.

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  • What is a diamond drill bit?

  • What are the characteristics of diamond drill bits?

  • Examples of using diamond bits

What is a diamond drill bit?

A diamond drill bit is usually located at the end of a hollow tube or shaft, which delivers water to the bit for cooling and lubrication. In some cases, drill chips can be removed by a hollow shaft with a suction system. There are usually two different types of drill bits, namely coated diamond bits, and bonded diamond bits. The difference between the two is that coated bits have one layer of diamond, while bonded bits have multiple layers of a diamond. In addition, bonded bits are much more expensive, but they last much longer than coated diamond bits. Diamond bits find many different applications in construction and industry as well as in specialized artisan industries such as jewelry.

What are the characteristics of diamond drill bits?

Diamond is the hardest material and as such, diamond bits are able to drill holes in almost any material with a precision unmatched by any other drilling technique. Their lightweight, diverse diameters, low noise, low dust, and zero impact are features that make diamond drilling extremely versatile. In addition, the power source for diamond drill bits can be electric, pneumatic or hydraulic, depending on the needs of the situation, and these additions add to the versatility of diamond drill bits.

Examples of using diamond drill bits

Because diamond bits offer significant advantages over other technologies, they have many uses. Diamond bits are good at installing pipes or cables while drilling holes in concrete and brickwork. It is convenient to use diamond bits for drilling where stones may be encountered, as stones do not pose an obstacle to the diamond bit and the waste can be sucked out through the hollow shaft. Blasting is also a technique that uses a diamond drill bit to drill a series of pilot holes in the concrete, stone or brick to be removed, then insert a hydraulic "blaster" and cause the material to be "blasted" to expand, thereby separating the concrete and other materials. apart. This is a very effective and precise means of demolition. Diamond bits can also be used for jewelry processing. The precision, small size, and toughness of diamond bits make them the only tools used by jewelers to drill into gemstones, which are exceptionally hard. In addition to the cases mentioned above, diamond bits can be used for other jobs that require fine machining of hard substances. Diamond bits are ideal for drilling into hard materials such as:

  •  Glass, sea glass, beach glass, fused glass, flat glass

  •  Stones, gemstones, rocks, pebbles, minerals

  •  Ceramics, porcelain, tiles, glazed earthenware, plates, porcelain

  •  Shells, antlers, bones, fossils

  •  Very hardwoods

It should be noted that while diamond bits can cut anything, they are best suited for hard materials. Softer materials such as wood or metal are not suitable as these materials are softer and it is best to use a conventional drill when cutting these materials.

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