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What are the characteristics of granite saw blades?

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Granite saw blade is a common stone saw blade. It is made of diamond as cutting material with advanced equipment and processing technology. So what are the characteristics of granite saw blades? Why do people choose granite saw blades?

l Why do granite saw blades need sharpness?

l What are the characteristics of granite saw blades?

l Do granite saw blades need to be replaced?


Why do granite saw blades need sharpness?

The sharpness of the granite cutting blade for cutting stone must be good. Different sharpness is suitable for different stones, so when choosing the saw blade, you should choose according to the stone you want to cut. Products with sharp granite cutting blades are also riskier, and the slightest mistake could cause all sorts of accidents. It may also lead to the scrap of the diamond saw blade. In addition, the damage degree of the sharp saw blade is also relatively large, so we need to consider many factors when choosing the sharpness of the product. That is to say, in the case of ensuring safety and wear resistance, granite saw blade sharpness is certainly better.

What are the characteristics of granite saw blades?

1. Strong hardness and wear resistance: Diamond is the hardest substance found in nature, so granite cutting blades have strong hardness and wear resistance.

2. Very sharp edge: The edge of a diamond tool can be very sharp.

3. Good thermal conductivity: diamond has thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity, cutting heat is easy to emit, the cutting part of the saw blade temperature is low.

4. Low thermal expansion coefficient: THE thermal expansion coefficient of diamond is smaller than that of cemented carbide, and the tool size change caused by cutting heat is small.

Do granite saw blades need to be replaced?

There are a range of diamond blades on the market today that are ideal for many types of saws. Round blades are best for large projects. They can be used on a variety of substances to increase your efficiency. Cutting granite with a circular saw is a good choice. Contour blades are ideal for granite, especially when cutting curves. In addition, the grinding cup grinding wheel is a finishing tool that helps to completely smooth the edges, while the diamond profile grinding wheel AIDS in the molding process. Diamond blades are known as the "gold standard" of round blades. The people they work with know that saw blades need to be replaced regularly. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. However, diamond blades are known for their longer service life.

It is important to choose a better granite cutting blade. If you are looking for a supplier of high quality granite saw blade at a reasonable price, Zhongzhi Enterprise is a very good choice.




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