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The wiring method of the diamond wire saw

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A diamond wire saw is a common tool used in stone processing work. This article will introduce the wiring method of rubber wire saw, so that you can have a more in-depth understanding of the process of diamond wire saw.

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The importance of diamond wire saw

The wiring work of diamond wire saw needs the tools

The wiring steps of the diamond wire saw

The importance of diamond wire saw

With the rapid development of the economy, new house construction, old house renovation, road construction, and other project projects flourish, now concrete cutting and demolition reinforcement construction projects often require thick concrete, irregular concrete cutting, and demolition reinforcement. For example, concrete beams, beams, support beams, high-speed rail piers, bridge piers, equipment foundations, and other concrete structures need to be partially demolished, in this case only a diamond wire sawing machine can be competent for this work. At the same time, also due to the emergence of diamond wire sawing machines, guarantee the building protective demolition, transformation, retain the safety of the building part, therefore, diamond wire sawing machine is widely used in the construction projects of demolition companies, demolition companies. As in the cutting work of the most important diamond wire saw machine accessories, diamond wire saw good or bad greatly affects the efficiency of engineering construction, so choosing a good diamond wire saw is very important.

The wiring work of diamond wire saw needs the tools

In the diamond wire saw wiring work before, we need to prepare the wiring work required materials and tools. Diamond wire saw wiring work needs to use the concrete cutting equipment and accessories tools are: electric wire saw machine, diamond bead wire, diamond wire special butt joint, diamond wire saw special supporting tools, such as mechanical pliers large scissors, hydraulic pliers, etc.


The wiring steps of the diamond wire saw

In the first step, the length of each volume of diamond beaded wire is generally 50 meters, therefore, we must first judge the situation according to the actual concrete cutting program, determine the appropriate length, cut the required length of diamond beaded wire with wire cutters.

In the second step, with oblique pliers or sharp-nosed pliers to both ends of the half of the protective steel wire on the rubber pull out, the two ends of the wire exposed length added up equal to the length of the diamond wire joint.

The third step is to diamond bead wire on the strength, in accordance with the standard of 1.5m a circle, for example, there are 10 meters of diamond bead wire, then need to rotate at least 15 turns to diamond bead wire on the strength, so that diamond bead wire in cutting time will cut evenly. Usually, a lot of diamond beading wire appears partial grinding situation, basically is not on the good strength of the reason.

Fourth step, the two ends of the exposed steel wire into the diamond bead wire special joint, the joint should be and rubber to keep no gap link. Then use diamond wire saw special hydraulic pliers, will two heads of bare steel wire and diamond bead wire joint buckle pressure tight. When buckling, first the middle of the joint will be placed in the buckling pliers buckling, every rotation 90°buckling once. Then the two ends of the joint will be placed in the buckling pliers in turn buckling. Finally, then the middle of the joint again in the buckling pliers buckling.

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