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The construction points of the diamond wire saw

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Diamond wire saw is a common tool for cutting stone, commonly used in mining, bridge cutting, beam cutting, underwater cutting, and other engineering projects. This article will briefly introduce the construction points of the diamond wire saw, so that users can operate more professionally in the process of using it.

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The classification of diamond wire saw

The construction points of the diamond wire saw

The classification of diamond wire saw

There are many types of diamond wire saws on the market, according to the different practical needs and uses of diamond wire saws, the wire saws on the market can be roughly divided into 7 categories, respectively: concrete cutting wire saws, granite, and mining wire saws, granite barren material shaping wire saws, granite shaped processing wire saws, marble mining wire saws, marble barren material shaping wire saws, marble shaped processing wire saws. According to the production material, it can be divided into rubber wire saws, plastic wire saws, spring wire saws, and spring plus rubber wire saws, among which spring plus rubber wire saws are widely used for concrete cutting. The specification of the wire saw is mainly controlled by the bead, its specification is roughly Φ7.2~Φ11.5, but the formula of different stones is different, the production formula of the bead should be ordered according to the actual situation of the stone in order to play its maximum efficiency.

diamond wire saw

The construction points of the diamond wire saw

(1) fixed wire saw machine and guide wheel

Use M16 chemical anchor bolt to fix the wire saw main stand and auxiliary stand, guide wheel installation must be stable, and the edge of the wheel must be aligned with the centerline of the stringing hole to ensure the effective cutting speed of the cutting surface, and strict implementation of the installation accuracy requirements.

(2) Install the wire

According to the determined cutting, the form will be diamond wire in a certain order winding in the active wheel and auxiliary wheel, pay attention to the direction of the wire should be the same as the active wheel drive direction.

(3) The connection of related operating systems and safety protection technical measures

According to the site situation, the connection of water, electricity, mechanical equipment, and another related pipeline should be correct and standardized, the alignment placement should strictly implement the safety operation procedures to prevent the auxiliary equipment and materials from being placed in a disorderly manner under the situation of many machines and many people, causing accidents and hidden dangers. wire cutting process, wire movement in the direction of the front must be protected with a safety barrier and set up safety signs in a certain area to prompt pedestrians not to enter the construction work area.

(4) Cutting

Start the electric motor, through the control panel to adjust the active wheel lifting tension, ensure the diamond wire power tautly, supply the circulating cooling water, and then start another electric motor, drive the active wheel to drive the diamond wire rotary cutting. The cutting process must closely observe the stability of the machine base, adjust the offset of the guide wheel at any time to ensure that the cutting wire is in the same plane.

(5) The selection of cutting parameters

Cutting process by operating the control panel to adjust the cutting parameters, to ensure that the diamond wire running line speed is 20m / s or so. On the other hand, the cutting process should ensure enough amount of flushing liquid to ensure the cooling of the diamond wire and to take away the powder chips ground down. Cutting operation to achieve stable speed, stable parameters, stable equipment.

(6) cutting process should pay attention to the problem

If encounter the phenomenon of stuck wire, broken wire, etc. to have corresponding measures to solve. Safety protection measures must be strict and tight, otherwise, the diamond beads on the broken diamond wire will fly out like a bullet to hurt people. Therefore, in addition to the necessary protective measures at the scene, all the uninvolved people are not allowed to come and observe.

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